SMR has been featured in many videos, articles, and news stories. Get a behind-the-scenes look at our Brooklyn sorting facility and education center all in one place on our Youtube playlist, or one of the sites below:


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Featuring over a dozen videos about SMR and NYC recycling by Scholastic News, Business Insider, Mashable, NowThis, Ars Technica, Sesame Street, and more.

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NEW! View on Curbed: “Where Do NYC’s Recyclables Go?” [5:03]

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Cool Hunting

View on Vimeo: Cool Hunting “Sunset Park Material Recovery Facility” [3:40]

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plastic bottle recycling

NYC Media, “Urban Green: Recycling”

View on NYC Media [3:30]

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Brandon Brown, “Renewal in Sunset Park”

Watch the documentary [3:25]

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smr recycling process

NY1: How NYC Works

View on Vimeo [7:39]

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Published Articles

  • New York Times, “A Grace Note for a Gritty Business” (November, 2013) Read Article
  • NYT “A New Home for Recycling” Slideshow Read Article
  • Urban Omnibus, “Marketing Waste: Recycling New York City” (April, 2014) Read Article
  • Gizmodo, “A Tour of the Largest Commingled Recycling Plant in the U.S.” (January, 2014) Read Article
  • The New Yorker, “Clean Up Crew” (May 2014) Read Article
  • The Atlantic, “What Actually Happens to a Recycled Plastic Bottle (December 2015) Read Article
  • NY Times, “In Brooklyn, Fertile Ground for a Windmill” (January, 2015) Read Article
  • Resource Recycling, “MRF of the Month” (August, 2017) Read Article
  • Recycling Today, “Largest MRFs in North America (August, 2017) Read Article
  • The Dieline, “Designing with Recyclability in Mind” (November, 2017) Read Article
  • NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs, “Global Vision | Urban Action” (March, 2018) Read Article

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