Curbside Recycling Program

What to Recycle in New York City

Information for residents, apartment managers, schools, businesses, agencies and nonprofits

Educational Videos on Curbside Recycling

Take a look at these one minute videos that provide simple tips for recycling.

How to Recycle Specialty Items in New York City

The below items do not belong in NYC curbside recycling bins.

Battery disposal

It is important to properly dispose of batteries. Do not put in your curbside recyclables.

Options for Battery Recycling in NYC

How to compost in NYC

Curbside and drop off composting instructions for New York City residents, schools, businesses and non-profits.

Link to NYC Instructions

How to recycle textiles in NYC

Information on collection bins and drop off locations for clothing donations.

Link to NYC information

How to recycle e-waste in NYC

How residential buildings can sign up for free electronics collection. Also information on drop off locations for used electronics.

Link to NYC Resources

How to dispose of hazardous waste in NYC

Information on safely handling and disposal of harmful products.

Link to NYC Information

How to dispose of sharps and unused medication in NYC

Information on safe disposal of sharps and unused medication.

Link to NYC Drop off sites

State of New York

What to recycle in New York State.

Find your local guidelines.

smr recycling process

Featured Video

Cheddar visited our Sunset Park Material Recovery Facility to find out what happens to NYC’s recyclables after residents place them in the correct bins.

View Video (3 minutes)
aerial view sims municipal recycling brooklyn

View Our Video Playlist

Over the years, many videos have been filmed at our municipal recycling facility.  These videos reveal the intriguing process of how household recyclables are reclaimed.  Landfill disposal is avoided and recovered material is used to make next generation products.

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Schools, Community Events, Private Tours

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